Who we are

Who are we?

MATAMBA is a creative studio where we design innovative pieces working directly with the artisan communities around Colombia. With them we co-create modern ideas that enhance ancestral techniques and preserve their culture and identity. Our proposal results in essential, timeless and contemporary designs. We value the time, the process, and the beauty of handmade work by keeping a creative dialogue with the master artisans that allow us to have a balance between tradition and innovation. A personal connection with the artisans communities, and fully understanding their environment and culture is ESSENTIAL in the creation of innovative and conscious designs.

About us

Industrial designer Jennibeth Iguarán and fashion and textile designer Juanita Gil met while working with artisanal communities during 4 years. They traveled to different territories, exploring the customs, techniques, and raw materials around Colombia. They created MATAMBA after this lifetime experience to keep the traditions alive, enhancing the artisan’s work from different communities all over the country.

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